Bansal Classes is a place that will spur your skills and inspire you to attain a level that you may never have realized was possible. We provide environment intimate enough to engage and challenge each student individually. Our initiative as well as our commitment in developing successful IITians, Engineers have been among the top programs and while maintaining such a personalized environment, our resources , wealth of talent, and valued teaching have grown over the years to become defining points of JEE preparation. In Fact, our success in connecting relevant curriculum, engaging students and faculty is the very essence of what makes “the Bansal Classes special”.


Bansal Classes today is synonym for sure success at IIT-JEE. In terms of numbers of selection in IIT-JEE, no other institute comes even closer to Bansal Classes.

The story begins, in the year 2000, when Bansal Classes started in a garrage with 80 students in two batches, each batch having 40 students; & Mrs. Pooja Bansal as the faculty of Maths (the only subject taught at that time).

In 2001, classes started in all the subjects i.e. Physics, Chemistry & Maths.

The Batches commenced from 7th May, 2001 with approximately 350 students in Jaipur. With 35 selection in IIT-JEE in the year 2001-2002, Bansal Classes, Jaipur, geared up, with the top rank of 105 of Master Rohan Garg.

In 2002-2003 Bansal Classes, Jaipur gave 77 selections.

With the growing success of Bansal Classes, Jaipur there emerged two new centres in 2003-04. One at RAJPUT SABHA BHAWAN Near Rajmandir & second at BRIJ ANUKAMPA in C-Scheme.

Due to the growing number of IIT aspirants and increase in the number of selections every year the need was felt for a good infrastructure and then in 2006-07 “POOJA TOWER” was built. This was done to bring all the batches under one roof. Analyzing the past records of students, it was observed that there was a wide gap between 10th & 11th standards. The course totally changed in 11th class & students found difficult to cope-up.

Then in 2006-07, Junior wing of Bansal Classes named as Pooja Tutorials was started. The aim was to overcome this difference. Pooja tutorials was basically for classes IX & X students to build the foundation for IIT-JEE. The course of Pooja Tutorials included; student’s regular curriculum of CBSE, which they followed in school, topics related to IIT-JEE & preparation of NTSE. In the first year; Pooja Tutorials celebrated the selection of 13 students in NTSE.

With the introduction of NTSE examination in VIII class, Pooja Tutorials started running the batches for class VIII. Also in the same year two new centres of Pooja Tutorials one in VAISHALI NAGAR & second at GOPALPURA have been set up.

Today Bansal Classes with approximately 2000 students, still stands on top, making students future bright.

As it is rightly said that,
" Success is the progressive realisation of a worthy goal "
– Earl Nightingale

Chairman Message

Dear Students,
I welcome all of you to Bansal Classes and earnestly wish success to each one of you. And though I would sincerely hope that all of you make it to the respective institutes that you’ve set your minds upon, what I mean by ‘success’ is something altogether different.

For me, success simply means being able to perform to your potential. For example, an average student who by dint of his hard work makes it to the waiting list of IIT-JEE, is for me successful than a superlatively brilliant student who because of his complacence and casualness got a rank of 500. Over the years, it has been my experience that the memories which troubles us most are not those of our misfortune, but those that have the words '..if only I had done that..' embedded in them.

So my only advice to all of you is this; be it engineering entrance or any other endeavor in life, make sure that these words never find a port of entry into the picture. Spare no effort, work hard and live up to your potential. Whatever follows will always be for the best. That, according to me, is the simple calculus of Karma.

V. K. Bansal

Pillars Of Success

  • 1.

    Faculty is one of the strongest pillars for an education institution. At Bansal Classes we have a team of dedicated and experienced faculties. The whole country is obsessed with Ex-Bansal Faculty, this itself is a symbol of the best faculty pool at Bansal Classes

    Our faculties play a vital role in designing the curriculum and study material with constant research. Change in pattern of engineering will not affect the success of our students as we are already geared up to take the challenges ahead.

  • 2.
    Study Material

    What to study and how to study are two major questions a student has in his mind when he starts the preparation for any exam. The other major issue is from where the student will search for the comprehensive content to prepapre. Keeping these concerns in mind our faculties have designed a comprehensive course material which comprises of theory, key conmcepts, illustrations, practice sheets and tests.

    The study material is designed keeping the learning curve of the sudent to acquire the required knaowledge to be successful in her/his endeavour.

  • 3.

    The essence of the good institution is built on a competent and effective administrative team. To coordinate and utilise the resources for the fulfilment of our objectives of quality education, we have a squad of experienced administrators. Their role is to create and ensure the smooth working of the system.

    They are there to support other departments to enable them to provide good learning environment for our students. They ensure discipline, punctuality and commitment at all points of time towards the attainment of our goal.

Chief Mentor

As you are aware, India has emerged as a leader amongst developing economies, by creating a sound, industrial, financial and technical base. Our strong roots in quality education play a vital role in maintaining the momentum of continued growth in all sectors of the nation's economy. Bansal Classes in keeping with the tradition of providing quality education has contributed tremendously towards developing qualified engineers by providing excellent coaching services from school level to IIT-JEE.
It is worth mentioning that in the recently concluded prestigious examination of IIT-JEE, 215 students got selected in IIT-JEE 2015, with highest selections in the city.
While, Bansal Classes is well known for coaching for IIT-JEE, we have taken another initiative by starting Bansal Public School (BPS) for Play Group to 5th Standard students.
We believe that nurturing young minds at an early age can lead to great professional careers. With this vision in mind, Bansal Classes opened it's Foundation wing (Pooja Tutorials) in year 2005 at C-Scheme in Jaipur. Today I am happy to state that the same facility has been extended to two other cities at Jodhpur and Ajmer providing excellent coaching to students from class VII to class X, alongwith preparation for students of X class for NTSE.
Every year students of Pooja Tutorials have continued to perform exceedingly well across the board in NTSE, JEE (Main), Olympiads and most importantly in the CBSE Board examinations. The management and the staff at Pooja Tutorials is committed to provide high-quality, result oriented services to our students to enable them to unleash their individual potential to attain their educational and career aspirations. I wish the students continued success in all their future endeavors.

Pooja Bansal
(Chief Mentor)
Bansal Classes, Jaipur